"Necessity is the mother of invention."

The Republic, Book II, 369c, Plato

How it works

uAlert is a true emergency response system that uses your phone's GPS to locate you and, when you raise an alert, sends help your way. It is a "system" because there are teams of people actually involved; it isn't a mere self-functioning app. This is what differentiates this app from all other personal safety apps. It has been designed to offer the fastest and most efficient response in the event of an attack, notifying your friends and family, our center and the local police. It also gives you access to 24/7 crisis phone counselling.

When the "Hi' alert button is pressed, not only is the police number in your designated country set up to dial out, but a video recording begins automatically and a short video is submitted to our center. You have the option to send more video if you are able to.

Two Types of Alerts Medium & High

  • Upon login, user is redirected to home screen, where his/her current location is indicated on a map, and the medium and high alert buttons are ready for use.

  • Medium Alert :-

    When clicked on "Med", an alert notification is sent to our Center and the user's Trackers (emergency contacts)

  • High Alert :-

    When clicked on "Hi", an alert notification is sent to our Center, the user's Tracker and a call is automatically made to the local police.

We have a team of personnel standing by for assistance and can communicate directly with the user/victim. They are trained crisis intervention counselors and are available by phone 24/7. What's more, with the "assistU" feature, we are able to offer scheduled security services exclusively through our app. (The only feature where there's an additional charge.)

Additional free features include user Check-In, uGo navigation, Safe Places, uFit for health, My Calendar, Missing Child Poster, smart watch compatibility and much more. It even has internal reporting and statistics that could help us identify the specific social problems on a global level.

With the uAlert Personal Safety app, uAlert, weProtect!

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uAlert Features

uAlert Personal Safety App, designed and patented by Nafsika Inc.

Alert & Track

The Alert screen is where you can raise an alert with the choice of 2 levels of danger (Med & Hi). The Track screen allows you to track the people who have accepted you as a tracker. Note : If you have sent a request for someone to track you, they will need to do the same for them to appear on your own Track screen. Only then will you be able to view your pinned locations both ways.

Check In

Use this feature to notify your trackers and our center when you have failed to check in. You will receive 2 reminders before an alert is raised automatically. Use this feature frequently for added security.


We have the largest security company in the world able to offer scheduled security services exclusively through our app. This is the only feature where there is an additional cost. Choose any of our "assistU" security services such as security escort to your car or home, safety or well-being check for you or a friend, etc. Available for one time, up to 25 minutes. (May not apply if you require service from a remote location.)

Missing Poster

Create an automatic Missing Child poster, print and share with the social media of your choice should your child ever go missing. Please be sure to create your child's profile as soon as you download this app so as to not waste any time in the case of an emergency. You will not have to download a separate app for your child as their profile will be linked to yours.

My Calendar

Keep your schedule and events up to date by using your calendar.


uGo is a GPS navigation feature to help you with directions.


Use uFit to count steps and your sleep hours to maintain your overall health. Female users have an added option to track their menstrual cycle as well.

Safe Place

Find a “Safe Place” in your area to get to if you are in danger.

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Here we offer you tips that you may read whenever you have a minute. They could save your life.

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